My Cooking Party = Great Party Idea

A friend of mine invited me to a My Cooking Party event and I have to say that not only did I have fun, but I learned new cooking techniques, had a wonderful meal and met some delightful people. My Cooking Party rents lofts around the city for their events where a chef guides groups of people through cooking a meal that they will later sit down and enjoy. The one I attended with Mr. Juice had 4 other people who attended.

The funny thing is that I threw my back out the day before and couldn’t really move so I was ready to back out of the event, but then I remembered that wine would be served and thought that that might help ease my pain. Once we got into the loft, we were immediately presented with good music, wine and small bites until the entire group got there. Mr. Ben of My Cooking Party made sure that everyone’s glasses were never empty the entire night. The customer service was great and let me tell you, the wine definitely helped with my back pain. I went with the white and actually enjoyed drinking it. Even though there is no limit on the amount of alcohol that you can drink, they definitely didn’t bring out the crappy alcohol like some other companies might have done. Chef Michael gave us a quick lesson at each cooking station, was very friendly and had no problems answering any questions that we had.

That night, we prepared the following:

Reconstructed warm caprese tart-tomatoes, basil, goat cheese crème

Goat cheese and roasted portabella ravioli served with a creamy pesto

Butternut squash ravioli served with a brown butter sage sauce

Caramelized apples

***I’m not going to share the recipes and techniques with you, because if you want them you have to go to their events :D.

See happy pictures of us preparing food:

See pictures of the actual dishes:

They weren’t difficult dishes to make. They certainly weren’t dishes that you would find in a fine dining restaurant, but keep in mind that we were making the dishes ourselves and we aren’t professional chefs. The dishes were complicated enough so that we felt really good about what we produced. What is great is that these are plates that taste really delicious, but after learning how to make them are simple enough to be prepared at home without the guidance of a professional chef. Actually, earlier this week I made the reconstructed warm caprese tart again, so these are definitely dishes that you will want to serve at home for yourself or dinner guests.

One note I will make is that some people who attended wished that they got to cook more, but I really do think that the point of My Cooking Party is to mix “Cooking” and “Party” equally which it does succeed in doing. So I was happy making my ravioli and then flitting from table to table watching people make their courses and socializing with them. Would definitely recommend this for those who are looking for a fun night, party idea, date night or a great gift to impress someone (they sell gift certificates). I wonder if they might consider holding singles events in the future. I met so many nice people that I bet if they had singles only events, the same might happen for those crowd as well. And if they don’t meet anyone, well, at least they have a delicious meal to sit down for.

-Joyce Huang

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