Mozzicato’s Bakery In Connecticut

Mozzicato’s Bakery in Connecticut is quite a tasty place to be. And it was without a doubt a hard place for me to mentally focus as I ran from each display like a madwoman asking all the workers what everything was.  And after all that, in an Italian bakery, I somehow managed to order a “French” cannoli. My French cannoli was a vanilla custard filled cannoli shell topped with crushed almonds and dusted, or rather, doused with powered sugar. I have never tasted anything like it before. It was delicious all around. And because that pastry was so delicious, I had to try something else of course. The something else turned into an éclair, chocolate gluten-free cookies, pignoli cookies, rainbow cookies and their homemade gelato. Now, now, I didn’t say that I ate them all, I just tasted them all and packed the rest of it to take back home to New York. After all, I was suppose to be on a diet.

The éclair  wasn’t anything special and the homemade gelato was quite disappointing. The pignoli cookies were good, but lets just brush past all of these and go on to the rainbow cookies and the chocolate gluten-free cookies. Ummm, can you say YUM??? The rainbow cookies were fresh and had the right balance of cake to jam to chocolate ratio. I should have bought more, but I only left with a quarter of a pound. And normally when you think gluten-free, you think not much fun, but the chocolate gluten-free cookies, also known as Roccoco, were UH-MAZE-ING. Be careful biting into it because it is not a soft cookie. Roccoco’s are chocolate meringue cookies filled with whole hazelnuts and almonds. The crunch of the meringue flows right into the crunch of the nuts and you just get such a harmonious flavor out of all of the ingredients. It was an incredibly interesting cookie that I was so happy I got to try. And I just remembered that I have one left in the kitchen…so bye!

7 out of 10

-Joyce Huang
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