Mountain Rose Apples

It’s a freaking pink apple. Piiiiiiink apple, people. Come on now.

Well more of a rose hue, like really rosy cheeks on a cold day or a crazy bad blusher job. Of course I had to buy it to try it. I like trying new things whenever I can spare some money. was having a sale at them so I picked some up. The real name of this fruit is the Mountain Rose. It is grown by Hood River Organics and can be purchased at Mikuni Wild Harvest.

Right off the bat, they look like petite apples. Not massively big, about the size of my fist. Keep in mind I am 4’11”. From the outside they don’t look like anything special.

Buuuut, then you cut into it and you’re like, Holy crap. The rosey hue is incredibly pretty. You kind of don’t want to eat it, but display it instead.

What does a Mountain Rose apple taste like?

Tart. My face scrunched up at first bite. It definitely has sweet, fruity notes in the background, but on the forefront, it’s tart, similar to a Granny Smith apple. Too tart for me to eat, but if you love a Granny Smith, this is a great apple for you. P will probably eat them all. The only way I would be able to is in a pie since I can cut the flavor with some sugar.

What is the texture of a Mountain Rose apple?

Very firm and very crisp.

What does a Mountain Rose apple smell like?

Wonderful! Like how sweet apple perfume smells.

What are you wearing right now?

That’s a bit personal don’t you think?

-Joyce Huang

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