I get star struck when I see Chef Morimoto on television, so you can only imagine how happy I was to be able to finally eat at his restaurant.  The restaurant itself is beautiful and modern, it’s a great date place, especially if you want to impress a special lady in your life.

My friends and I started the night off with sushi and sashimi, which not only tasted lovely, but had a beautiful presentation as well. The fish was fresh, smooth and quickly finished off.

From our appetizer, I went on to a heavier dish. The Duck, Duck, Duck. How much fun is that name? The dish came with a duck leg on one side, and a duck croissant sandwich on the other side. A big bonus was that the croissant was homemade and it was really just a play on Peking duck sandwiches. Yay, for me, because I can eat Peking duck sandwich ALL DAY LONG. No joke.

The trio of dipping sauces that you see above the duck consist of a red miso sauce (tastes just like hoisin sauce), a red wine sauce and a perfectly poached and beautiful duck egg. So simple, but quite ingenious to include the egg as a dipping sauce, don’t you think? East, definitely meets West in this dish.

When dessert came, we were all curious about how everything would taste since the cheesecake was made of tofu, and the soufflé was made of soy milk. My friends that came with me weren’t feeling the soufflé at all, but to me it was sweet, eggy and reminded me of familiar tastes from my childhood, particularly because I grew up on Asian cuisine, which they didn’t. It was paired with a maple ice cream that I could not stop eating. The cheese cake was so silky and coupled with a maple syrup. This also is very reminiscent of another Asian sweet that reminds me of home.

I will definitely be going back to Morimoto once I have more funds. Everything tasted as good as it looked. You will not be disappointed.

8.5 out of 10

88 10th Avenue

New York, NY 10011

(212) 989-8883

-Joyce Huang
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