Momofuku Crack Pie Recipe

momofuku crack pie

When I was watching The Mind of a Chef with David Chang I decided to bake one of the desserts from his Momofuku Milk Bar establishment, the Crack Pie to kind of go with the theme of the show.

Also, if you have Netflix, the entire season is on their instant watching and I would highly suggest doing so.  And one more side note, I’m not sure why, but when I read articles that quote David Chang they always make him seem like an arrogant asshole, however, every time I have seen him on YouTube or on television, he doesn’t come off that way at all. The media is so weird. But you are definitely going to love him after you watch this show.

Back to pie. So if you haven’t had Crack Pie before it is very buttery and sweet and addicting. You’ll take a couple of bites and feel your heart stop, but just pound your chest to get it going again. It reminds me of kind of a version of a pecan pie without the pecan pie topping, kind of what I imagine a chess pie to be. Which also reminds me to find a good recipe for chess pie. If you have one, please send it my way. Mahalo! features the recipe for Momofuku Crack Pie, however, their recipe does not like my oven because it burned my pie and I didn’t even cook it as long as it said to. I probably cooked it 15 minutes less then it said to and it still burned. But luckily it was only toasted at the top, so a little bit of powdered sugar and it looked as good as new. If your oven is as hot as mine, keep an eye on your pie the entire time. Their recipe said to cook it at 350 degrees for 30 minutes and then at 325 for 20 minutes. I probably would have needed to change it to 350 degrees at 15 minutes and then 300 for 15 minutes for my oven.

A couple of other notes.

homemade momofuku crack pieoat crust crack pie

-Don’t worry about making the oat cookies look pretty because you have to crumble them up.

-Don’t over bake the oat cookies or burn them since you will have to bake them again as the crust.

momofuku crack pie recipe

Just keep an eye on it and you will be fine. My pie still came out DELICIOUS!!! And tasted just like the pie at their shop.

Love Momofuku for sharing their recipe with everyone so that we can all enjoy it at home.

Joyce Huang


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