Missing Fresh Apples

apple picking 2

My friend Jenn had a car for a day a while back and was nice enough to let me and my pup Harlem tag along on an apple picking trip. Growing up, I liked apples, not loved them. As an adult this still remained the case. HOWEVER, I forgot what a freshly picked apple tasted like. I brought this lot home with me and ate every single one of them. Some were eaten as is, others got made into a pie-filling like applesauce.

Apple Picking 1

I have no clue what variety this apple is, but it was by far my favorite. This is an unfiltered picture because I wanted you to see it in its true form. I was amazed by how crisp it was when I bit into it and how pure and white the inside looked. I keep buying apples that look similar, but none of them even come near in taste. I can’t figure out if it’s because I still haven’t matched the variety or if it’s simply because it came fresh off the tree. I just emailed Jenn so that I can find out which orchard we went to and see if they can identify this apple for me.

 [9/8/2017 Update: It is an Empire apple. Fresh off the tree tastes so different from getting it in store.]

[9/18/2018 Update: It could be a Cortland…I’m so confused!]

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