Milwaukee Joe’s Gourmet Ice Cream

During our last visit in Texas, P and I ate 1 ½ dinners. Naturally, we decided that we had to have something to fix our sweet tooth as well. I have this weird thing where sometimes I don’t stop eating a meal until I have dessert. What is weirder is that we didn’t really do dessert when I was growing up, so I have no clue where this pattern of mine came from. After Googling around ice cream shops in Southlake, TX, we came up with Milwaukee Joe’s. We informed the bartender of our decision to which he replied, “That’s where my wife and I get our birthday cakes every year. So worth it!” Woot!

We snuck in right before they closed and sat on the bench eating our sweet treats while we watched person after person trying to beg to be let in. It kind of reminded me how in high school they opened up a Lucille Roberts next to the Haagen Daaz and I would have to walk in front of all the people running on the treadmills while I ate my cone.

I hearted this ice cream. I got the lemon custard which was really refreshing, light and not a flavor that I had had before. It tasted just like a lemon sandwich cookie, but in ice cream form. I really wish they had a location in NYC. They would do money.

8 out of 10

Milwaukee Joe’s Gourmet Ice Cream

Southlake Town Square
1417 Main St
Southlake, TX 76092

-Joyce Huang
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