Mike’s City Diner in Boston

When you wake up hungry in Bean town, where do you go? Mike’s City Diner! It fills up quickly, so if you’re not lucky enough to get that last table, get ready to wait a bit. I’d have to eat more here to see what the big deal is, because it’s hard to see why it’s so crowded from my breakfast there. Though I will say, the give diner portion sized food, which also means that you get a lot.

The texture of the buttermilk pancakes was a bit mushy, but they smelled and looked great. I’m on the fence if I would get them again.

The eggs…the eggs I would definitely not get again. Way too rubbery.

However, that corn beef hash at the top of this post? Magnifique! They definitely know what they were doing with this side dish and it was incredibly tasty. Because of this dish, I want to go back and see what other stars they might have on their menu.

6 out of 10

Mike’s City Diner

1714 Washington Street

Boston, MA 02118

(617) 267-9393

-Joyce Huang
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