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NYC restaurant golden child, Danny Meyer, can do no wrong. A while back a bunch of friends and I brunched at Marta, and it did not disappoint. Yes, I’m always very vague about dates. It’s because I can’t blog right away so I end up finding randmon pics on my computer and I like to keep mystery in the air. I mean, if the FBI wants to know when I went to Marta, I want them to at least make the effort to hack into my Opentable account to do so.

Anyway, Danny Meyer never disappoints. I’m a big fan of this man. The food at his restaurants is always consistent and the staff is always great. Consistent is very important to me. We ended up noshing on items from the brunch menu. Wouldn’t mind going back soon actually. Will have to call up one of my girls to set up a catch up brunch.

Is it my favorite pizza? No. But, it’s a great restaurant to have a relaxing meal in and see friends. Plus, the environment is beautiful. Don’t forget, it is a non-tipping restaurant. So no need to leave a separate tip.

We got the…



Pancetta (I actually remember loving this, like really loving it)


A pizza of some sort, I think the Salsiccia, which has pork sausage, mozzarella, crimini mushrooms, and pecorino


Another pizza of some sort. Don’t me which one because it was a while ago and I barely remember to shower now, forget about a pizza I ate like a year ago. My gut tells me that it was a seafood chili pizza, but I don’t see something similar on their menu right now.


Anatra, which is duck confit with pistachios, radicchio, cherries, and balsamic


Rice balls. Cheesy balls.


Cannoli cheesecake with pistachio crème


Some sort of ice cream sandwich

Marta at The Redbury Hotel

29 E 29th str

New York, NY 10016



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