Malt Ball Cake

P surprised me with a malt ball cake when I walked through the door because he’s considerate like that. He knows I love malt. He knows I love cake. He knows I love chocolate. He remembered that I had said that I wanted the malt ball cake from Baked. So he made me one.

I have never had a malt cake before. P followed the Baked malt ball recipe, that can be found here on the website, to a tee. It doesn’t taste full on like malt, but just slightly. And even though there was a ton of butter in the frosting, it was so nice and light, which was quite the surprise. The texture of this cake is amazing. Dense enough for you to sink your teeth into it, but in no way heavy.

P said he made me the cake so that I would get fat and couldn’t run away from him.

I’ve gained three pounds and still have more cake left.

That man knows how to get the job done.

-Joyce Huang

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