Making Your Own Bread

For the past month I have been really into making my own bread. It’s easy, cheap and I know all of the ingredients that go into it. For flour, I buy unbleached flour. I think it is a mental thing. Bleached food freaks me out a little bit.


I’m going to start branching out into learning new types of bread. Right now I’m using the same base recipe for all of my breads and just changing the filling.


The long one featured here is a bacon and lard bread. The round one is cheese bread. The loaves with dots are chocolate chip bread. The plain loaves are white bread.

Give it a try yourself!

What I normally do it empty a 2 packets of yeast into a big bowl. Pour 3/4 cup warm water over it and a big pinch of sugar. I wait five minutes and it bubbles a little. Freaky. Then I pour in 2 cups of warm water (add in extra sugar here if you are making a sweet bread) and keep adding bread flour, wheat flour, whatever you want, into it till it forms a dough. Usually that it about 5-6 cups of flour. This will yield 2 loaves. Honestly, I’ve changed up the flour and water amounts and somehow bread still gets made, though the texture or taste might be different.

Next I empty it out on a floured surface and knead the dough till it’s smooth. Then I add in anything else I want into it.Oil a big bowl (one double the size of the dough) and put the dough in it. Cover with saran wrap or a damp towel. I place it on my stove (not over fire, my back burners on my stove are always a bit warm so I rise my dough there) and in about 30-45  minutes it will have gotten huge. Punch it and you will see it deflate. Form it into the shape you want or place into loaf pans. Wait another 30-45 minutes and you will see it rise again. Pop into a 375 degree oven and bake for 30 minutes.

Joyce Huang

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