Maison Kayser NYC

I can’t believe I haven’t written about Maison Kayser yet. I mean, I gained like 5 lbs in one week from carbing it up at their bakery. Maison Kayser is a chain bakery. There are locations all over Europe and Asia, and recently they opened up their first American location in the Upper East Side of NYC. When they first opened, you could see people all up in that neighborhood toting around Maison Kayer bags. Myself included.

Make sure to skip eating at the café. I went a couple of months ago and the food was not very good and the service even worse. However, the bakery became a second home to be for about a month. My credit cards were not happy. I would find any excuse to go.

“Oh, Maison Kayser is only 25 blocks away. I’m gonna head over.”

“Oh, it’s 10:30 P.M. only? Maison Kayser is still open, let’s head over.”

Each visit to that damn bakery would lead me to leave with on average, 5 treats at a time. Some were small and some were big. One time I left with three baguettes and five loaves of cheese bread. It was all gone within a few days. The cheese bread has been my favorite purchase there so far. Just beware. The amount of cheese can be inconsistent. Sometimes you get the tiniest bit, other times a good amount. I like to eat them ripped off in chunks and stuffed in my mouth.

Also a big fan of their baguettes. The first time I tried one, instead of waiting to bring it home, P and I finished an entire one at the theatre. Of course it tastes lovely plain, with butter or dipped in olive oil. But for lunch I loved putting on tomato sauce, Muenster cheese and throwing it under the boiler and getting the cheese bubbling. Heaven.

The sweet treats are great as well. Pictured above is a pistachio financier and an orange cake. Both were very good. The financier found its way into my belly as I walked through a Barnes & Noble. I liked it better than the orange cake. One minute it was there and one minute it was gone and I was a pound heavier with butter all over my fingers.

I remember also enjoying their croissants and chocolate chip/pecan cookies, but it’s the bread that always bring me back.

8 out of 10

Maison Kayser Bakery, not café

1294 3rd Avenue  (between 74th str. And 75th str.)

New York, NY 10021
(212) 744-3100

-Joyce Huang

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