Mad. Sq. Eats is ON!

You HAVE to check out Madison Square Park Eats A.K.A. Mad. Sq. Eats. Well…obviously you don’t have to, but you are really missing out if you don’t. Located right in front of Eataly on 23rd street, and that weird intersection of Broadway and 5th ave, is a small food fair that will make you want to buy tasty treats from each stand. I was very proud of myself as I only bought one bahn mi hot dog from Asia Dog, and no where else, because I’m notorious for blowing all of my money on these things and then eating myself into a food coma. Hi-five for Juice!

The ‘Vinh’ hot dog, which I just call the bahn mi style one, which has pate, spicy aioli, cucumbers, pickled carrots and daikon, jalapeno and cilantro. The actual hot dog that they use is great. I know this sounds gross, but I love it when you bite into a hot dog and the casing snaps, that’s what their hot dog does. I’m a sucker for cilantro, so I loved that accent of it. I wants to go back and try their ‘Mash,’ which is a hot dog with sweet ‘n’ spicy ketchup, jalapeno mustard and crushed potato chips.

Walking through the fair, I found myself longingly looking at the Stuffed Artisan Cannolis, which had everything from original to pistachio cream filled. Roberta’s Pizza had me slowing my walk down too, as did Cookie Panache. Mad. Sq. Eats will be on until June 3rd, 2011, so definitely try and stop by if you can.

-Joyce Huang

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