Lunch with Mommy

My mom wanted to meet up for some Taiwanese cuisine one weekend, so I headed to Queens and we went to Lin’s Taiwanese  Gourmet. Right away, I started ordering organs because I personally have never cooked them before and don’t know if I trust myself to clean them well enough.  Therefore, the only time I really get to eat them is when my granny happens to make it when I visit her, or if I eat Taiwanese food with my mother. The above picture is a plate of delicious pork liver. It’s hearty and meaty feeling and I love it.

This dish is kidney.  There’s something about kidney that is kind of thick and gelatinous. Your teeth will slice right through it.

And here we have one of my all time favorites, stinky tofu. It smells awful, like a big fart, but it tastes delicious. Mr. Juice was not a happy camper when it arrived at the table. I thought that he was going to vomit. I love it though, and gobbled it down fast. It’s made of fried tofu, picked cabbage, chili sauce and this restaurant had a lot of garlic in theirs. Mr. Juice was also not happy that I couldn’t get the stinky tofu off my breath for about 6 hours even though I brushed my teeth twice, rinsed with Listerine twice and chewed on parsley. C’est la vie.

Oh! And before I forget, they serve these amazing, sweet and pickled daikon radishes to start off your meal and they’re free. We had to get an extra plate of them because we polished them off so quickly.

Do I think Lin’s Taiwanese Gourmet will blow your mind? No. But it does satisfy my Taiwanese food cravings and the prices are very affordable.  It’s a place that my family continues to be patrons of and will continue to be patrons of.

Lin’s Taiwanese Gourmet

8402 Broadway

Elmhurst, NY 11373

6 out of 10

-Joyce Huang
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