Lunch at Todd English’s Fig

Todd English is without a doubt a powerhouse in the food industry. Good looking and talented, everyone who knows chefs or watches television knows his name. I’ve frequented some of his New York City locations for drinks and/or food, with positive results for décor and product. However, when it came to his Boston location, Fig, I’m sad to say that I was disappointed. It kills me to say that because I admire him so much.

Fig is a cozy and casual dining experience, people do complain about having to wait for a table, but luckily I managed to snag one without a wait during lunch time on a Saturday. When I say cozy, I really mean it was a tight squeeze, but I would prefer that they have more tables than less. I was really looking forward to this experience because not only am I a Todd English fan, but I heart pizza. Pizza is one of my favorite things to eat. And the menu at Fig looked amazing, with fun named pizzas like the Bronx Bomber or the Red Sox pies.


The waitress brought over bread and olive oil to start. Tasty and simple. But then our real food came.

I started with :


Boston bibb & watercress salad with toasted walnut dressing and maytag blue cheese. I have to say, that other than this salad being a tad bit overdressed, it was really tasty. I can’t really figure out how to use the word ‘umami’ without sounding like an ass or pretentious, but this salad immediately brought to mind ‘umami.’ The flavors were immensely satisfying and I really enjoyed the walnut dressing.


Pizza, half Oliver’s, which is a traditional margherita, and the other half was Spicy Chicken Sausage that also had herbed ricotta, balsamic onions and a light tomato sauce. Mr. Juice put it best, all the ingredients were fantastic, but the pizza just was not that good. I have a feeling that it was made wrong. The dough was rolled out unevenly so 3/4 was extremely thin (see picture) and the rest was actually they way I had assumed the entire pie should have been. Can you see how thin the Oliver slice is in the picture? It tasted like pizza that was made on a pizza cracker. I should have made a video for you to see, but I was actually able to pick up the slices and twack them on the pan and it was so hard that the pizza slice didn’t bend at all.

I’ll probably give Fig another try, but I think next time I’ll try one of their yummy sounding pasta dishes. I’m going to need a break from ordering their pizza till this experience wanes from my memory.

6.5 out of 10


42 Charles St

(between Chestnut St & Mount Vernon St)

Boston, MA 02114

-Joyce Huang



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