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Ramen anyone? It’s getting chilly outside. Your nose is getting red…your head’s starting to feel a little numb…you have to shove your hands in your pockets. For me, when I find myself in this position I head to the nearest ramen house. Luckily for me, Minca happened to be the closest one in the area. Tucked away in Alphabet City, this tiny restaurant fills you with warmth the second you open the door. Remember, it’s a ramen house, not a fancy restaurant, so the décor is very simply. Minca has a handful of tables and a few stools by the ramen bar.

That night I happily munched and sipped away at a salt and garlic pork broth with thin noodles, while a girlfriend of mine opted for a spicy miso ramen with pork and chicken broth. Both were delicious and the broths were delicate and filled with a clean flavor lingers on your taste buds. Broth is one of, if not the main focus of a ramen house. Though, that is my guess from my experience and from what I saw from this straight to DVD movie with Brittany Murphy called Ramen Girl. Don’t judge me, I love food and I’ve always wanted to go to Japan, how could I not watch it??

A delightful note about Minca is that while they recommend particular noodles to be matched with certain broths, you are allowed the freedom to mix and match and explore as you wish. Keep in mind that the pork slices in each bowl are suppose to be fatty. In the Asian culture, fat is good…which explains why when I was little, I was massive. Anyway, the pork fat in the meat is kept there because it adds a rich and succulent flavor that cannot be duplicated with just lean meat. The pork is absolutely delicious by the way! It was so tender that it kept falling apart each time I tried to pick it up with my chopsticks. My girlfriend on the other hand is not a fan of fat and generously gave me her pieces. The two bowls added up to about $20 and we were waddling out of there warm, full and happy. I can’t say the same about the play we ended up seeing after our meal, but one of out two ain’t bad!

7 out of 10

-Joyce Huang

536 E 5th St, New York 10009
(Btwn Ave A & Ave B)
(212) 505-8001
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  • When I was in college, erovyene I knew subsisted off Ramen noodles. I began to joke about writing a Ramen noodles cookbook. Several friends were eagar to make submissions. I had a notebook with several rather silly, but real recipes. Eventually, I lost that notebook. However, one recipe given me by a local drummer was so funny I never forgot it. And here it is.Ramen Taco ingredients: 1 package beef flavored Ramen noodles 2 packages stolen Taco Bell sauce (or to taste)Cook noodles according to package. Drain well. Mix in Taco Bell sauce. Most important: while eating say to oneself repeatedly Mmm, good taco. Yeah, tastes just like a real taco. Note: This recipe should be reserved for those times when one is too broke to buy a fifty cent taco from Taco Bell.

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