Lily Flowers AKA Golden Needles

Dried lily flowers, also known as Golden Needles are a unique ingredient that you may not be use to if you didn’t grow up in a household that had true Asian cuisine. I got a huge bag of them for about $4 in Chinatown, but luckily they are dried, so I can just keep them in the cupboards for a while. You can use them in soups, stir-fries, etc, but if you aren’t cooking them in liquid, make sure that you rehydrate them in water first.

I cooked mine up in a pigs feet soup and so that it would absorb the flavors of everything I put in the pot. Then took all of the flowers out the pot so that I could keep eating them as a side dish with other meals during the week. They have a slight earthy quality and a gentle crunch that will surprise you and add a lovely texture to your meals.

Each time you go to the supermarket and see something that you have never tasted before, you should get it and try it. After all, you might be missing out on something fabulous.

-Joyce Huang

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