Letter to CJB Readers

Dear CJB Readers,

I write this post to you as I am in a food coma. I plan on bringing you through my lazy Sunday of food and sleep and more food and sleep and it is only 7pm so I have a feeling that there will be more food and sleep till I technically go to bed for the entire night. Now that I think about it, I feel as if I will need a day to recover from today. Don’t judge me as it will just make me feel worse about my incredibly lazy day and I already feel bad about all that I have eaten since I cannot move to my desk and have to type this up with my laptop angled on my protruding belly. If anything, take this disgusting post as a lesson to not eat as much as I have today already in the last 7 hours of which I have only been up for 4 of them. Save yourselves.

I thought today was going to be like any other normal day. I was wrong. I woke up at 930am and debated between leaving the apartment for food or cooking as I still kept dozing in and out of sleep. At 1040am I ended up placing an online order with Seattle Café in the upper east side. At 1130am, after still not receiving my food, I called them only to find that my order was still sitting there. Hungry, grumpy and angry, I canceled my order and ended up getting food from dependable Café Olin instead.

Mr. Juice and I ended up with an order of nachos topped with cheese, beef, avocados, tomatoes, sour cream, onions and jalapenos, barbecue beef with rice and beans and carnitas with rice and beans. There should be a warning on my phone that stops me from ordering or buying food when I am too hungry to think logically.

courtesy of asianfoodgrocer.com

After that I made myself a cup of English Breakfast tea with half and half and cut a piece of mooncake (will explain in another post) to snack on because I wanted something sweet. As I cuddled on the couch under a blanket and resting on soft pillow, I ended up falling asleep for 3 hours. But upon waking up to my tea and cake, I munched on that…and munched on more nachos as well. So full again without doing any activities at all the entire day so far, Mr. Juice ordered from Mi Abuelita, a Domenican restaurant in the neighborhood where we ordered arroz con pollo (chicken with rice), yellow rice and beans and fried pork and beef. It was so good, but I am on the couch unable to even roll over right now.

And I am wondering if in 30 minutes I’ll have digested enough to have some chocolate ice cream.  I have a disorder! I must be stopped! And I wonder if I have chocolate syrup and whipped cream for my chocolate ice cream! It’s going to take all the willpower inside of me to not eat for the next 5 hours till bed time, huh?

-Joyce Huang

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