Latin Eats In Spanish Harlem

Spanish Harlem is a great place for Latin food and I must say, you give me good rice and beans and I can eat it all day long. Mr. Juice and I didn’t have time to cook the other day so we called up Lechonera El Barrio. They were super nice and when we got the food, I was really happy.

Chicharron Dominicanos-fried pork chunks, where it is extremely crispy. I loved the crunch and fat of these. One of my favorite Latin American dishes to get.

Yellow rice and red beans and beef stew-Knock on wood, I’ve never had bad rice and beans from a Latin restaurant before. It’s a staple for each restaurant and they should be able to make it in their sleep. It was really nice that they gave us a cup of beef stew in addition to the beans.

Camarones Al Ajillo-shrimp in garlic sauce. The sauce was delicious. I was even dipping my pork in it, but the amount of shrimp in this dish was so disappointing. Maybe there were like 5 or 6?

Mofongo regular-wasn’t really feeling this. Mofongo is a mashed plaintain dish, but it was slightly lacking flavor and because it was a bit dry, it kind of reminded me of the texture of couch cushions.

I’ll definitely be ordering from them again and trying out new stuff, so come back for more pictures.

6.5 out of 10

Lechonera El Barrio

172 103rd St

New York NY10027

-Joyce Huang
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