Last Licks Ice Cream Gets Its Last Licks From Me

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Ice cream is suppose to be a happy experience, which is why I was so excited to go to Last Licks Ice Cream Parlor. I love ice cream parlors and candy shops. It really does bring out the child in me. I’ve always been a huge fan of Eddie’s Sweet Shop in Queens and Dylan’s Candy Bar in Manhattan and was hoping that I could add Last Licks to this list, but I was so wrong.

Last Licks was one of the biggest dining disappoints I have had. Without a doubt, it was definitely the biggest one for 2009. The ice cream was good, so that wasn’t the problem, but it was the customer service that canceled everything good about this location. The idea of Last Licks is really cute, it’s a sports memorabilia store mixed with an ice cream parlor. On my way over I was excited to eat a gooey, yummy and massive sundae and walk around looking at autographed bats and balls and photos. Well…that’s not exactly how it turned out.

I arrive there with a date on a Sunday evening. Sundaes on Sunday, how utterly charming and darling, heehee. But the door was locked so we had assumed that they were closed and because there were no customers inside. But two girls who were hanging out saw us and eventually got up and let us in and said that they were open. (This was strange to me.) I was imagining this fantastic sundae list, but was told that there wasn’t one but that I could get whatever toppings I wanted. (This was strange to me as well. How can an ice cream parlor not have a decadent and drool worthy sundae list?) So she scoops my ice cream into this tiny cup where there is no room for toppings and instead changing it into a bigger cup, she just adds a pathetic amount of fudge on to it that spills over. But I want fluff on it too and she doesn’t want to give me fluff because it will slip off the fudge. I explain to her that since she has to transport the sundae into a bigger cup because the fudge is spilling everywhere and I can’t bring that to my table that when she does that, the fudge will be on the bottom and she can put the fluff on top. Tell me why she puts everything in a cup that is about 1 millimeter bigger is seems because everything is still spilling over so I point to a bigger cup that I see and plead with her to please use that one. After she realized that a bigger cup was definitely the solution, she asked if I wanted more toppings (which was nice of her) since she now saw that the cup I chose had actual room for toppings, but I thought this was taking way too long already and said no thank you and paid and went to a table. (The wrong cup size more than once was the third strange thing about this place.)

I got the Louisiana Pecan Crunch with fluff and hot fudge, definitely tasty. But it was so quiet and dead in there and the girls look like they wanted to leave and looked miserable, so me and my date stayed for a couple of minutes and decided to not look around and just leave. We felt incredibly awkward there. While we were getting our things, a guy came and joined the girls, I am assuming that he was the manager because he had paperwork in our hands. As my date and I walked out we clearly said thank you and goodnight. One girl was on her laptop, the other two by the register. No one acknowledged us at all and we actually had to use the key and unlock the door ourselves to let ourselves out. HOW RUDE IS THAT? I really wish I took that damn key just to give them a scare and so that they would learn to shape up. When I was younger I worked at two Manhattan venues for about 5-6 years. It really isn’t hard to say thank you and goodnight. And keep in mind that I worked till 430AM in the morning. And honestly, you never would lock the door like that when your location is still open.

When we left my date and I looked at each other and said, “That SUCKED!” Who knew that the fun could be sucked out of Last Licks? Oh wait, Last Licks did apparently. I really hate to say this, but if Last Licks keeps this up, it really wouldn’t surprise me if they had to close down this location in less than a year.

Last Licks
245 East 93rd Street
New York, NY 10128-3966
(646) 672-9540

3 out of 10

-Joyce Huang
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  • I consistently have a tendency to ponder a smidge harder about all sorts of stuff right after I discover someone new’s site and their thoughts. This and other posts on your website here most certainly provide some food for thought. I wound up on here right after doing some work related research on Google and somehow coming across your website. Had a blast sifting through your blog posts and I’ll be adding you to my Google Reader to keep track later on. Thanks again!

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