Lady with the Wooden Cart Mexican Food

Wooden Cart

I eat a lot of Mexican food. Not Tex-Mex, but Mexican food. And I have to say that with the amount of Mexican food I eat, it’s very hard to get the Lady with the Wooden Cart out of my mind. That’s probably not the name of her eatery. If it is, I must be psychic. I call her the Lady with the Wooden Cart because she actually cooks off a mobile wooden cart on 110th str between 3rd avenue and Lexington avenue, right off the East Harlem 110th street subway stop. She’s right around the supermarket/liquor store area. Her ingredients always taste fresh and well seasoned. Her pernil quesadilla is something that will keep you going back for more and more. It’s a thicker style of tortilla that she uses that really holds up against the meaty filling, cheese and veggies. I love that her pernil does have a nice ratio of fat on it. When my pork is too lean, I feel that it loses a lot of flavor, and also, the texture of the fat gives a nice mouth-feel when you bite into it.

Lady with the Wooden Cart, I will see you very soon.

If you love hot sauces, her green and red sauces have a major kick to them, so you’re in for a major treat.

Lady with the Wooden Cart

110th str between 3rd avenue and Lexington avenue.

Joyce Huang

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