La Bella Ferrara NYC

La Bella Ferrara

La Bella Ferrara is my favorite spot in Little Italy to pick up Italian Pastries. It’s a small spot and they no longer have a café area to sit in, but it is definitely worth stopping in to get desserts to snack on or bring home.

Italian sandwich cookies (no clue what the real name is, I asked a woman behind the counter one day and she told me to always just point and say I want those delicious cookies right there), pignoli cookies and rainbow cookies are my favorites.

For the Italian sandwich cookies, I always get the ones that are kind long ovals that are sandwiching chocolate or jam, where one end is dipped in chocolate and sprinkles. Keep in mind that Italian cookies like these are usually on the drier side because they are meant to be eaten with coffee or tea.

La Bella Ferrara

108 Mulberry St

New York, NY 10013
(212) 966-7867
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