Kyochon Korean Fried Chicken Anyone?

It’s tiny, it’s seasoned, it’s double fried, how could it not be good? The funny part is that I’ve made Korean fried chicken before and loved it, but I never went out to actually buy it myself before. I figured it was time so off to Kyochon in Koreatown I went. BonChon was also an option, but they didn’t have much seating and there was a wait so we walked over to Kyochon right next door instead. I was fine with either option, Bonchon was the first to get to New York, but I know that Kyochon is huge in Korea so I would assume that both options would be tasty.

Starting off with a half pitcher of kiwi soju, I must say that it was very sweet and you couldn’t taste the alcohol. This makes for a dangerous combination. A half pitcher filled about 9 of their soju glasses (think of glasses that fit like a shot and a half, maybe two shots).

And then the food came.

Signature fried chicken wings: Savory and crispy, the skin was cooked beautifully and the meat inside was tender and juicy.

Hot grilled chicken wings: I only survived one and a half wings. And that was only because I stuffed my mouth with potato wedges in between. I can’t take much heat, but after watching my friends chow down on them I realized that they were just extremely hot. The table next to us couldn’t get through their plate either. At one point my friend started eating the signature wings again and lamented that everything just tasted hot at that point, as he had burned his taste buds off. But again, the grilled hot wings had really juicy meat as well. They were really, really cooked well.

Fried chicken rice bowl: The texture and bite was great on this white meat chicken dish because they were coated in rice crisps which gave it an extra “oomph” and crunch.

Would I go back to Kyochon? Definitely. But I want to give Bonchon a go next. For sports fans, both places have televisions everywhere so you won’t miss any of your games.


6.5 out of 10


319 5th Ave (corner of 32nd str.)
New York, 10016
(212) 725-9292

-Joyce Huang
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