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A girlfriend of mine who brought me to Kyo Ya for dinner one night and it was fantastic. Everything from the on-point service, time execution of the dishes and taste were all on point. I was incredibly satisfied with my meal and would not hesitate to go back to eat there again.

We went through a couple of bottle s of the Muroka Nama Genshu Junmai Daiginjyo sake. Pricey at $95, but very clean, light and gently sweet. Wonderfully addicting to sip on.

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Famous Sweet Potato Tempura, served with soy sauce and Mongolian salt

A simple dish that is exactly as it sounds. Comforting and not greasy at all.

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Kurobuta Kakuni, slowly cooked pure Berkshire pork belly

I love fat, but this dish was more on the lean side. Beautifully cooked, fall apart meat in a delicious and savory broth.

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Marinated Seared Mackerel Pressed Sushi

A saltier fish, the texture, bite and seasonings on the rice were really tasty.

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Soy Marinated Seared Canadian Salmon

So pretty to looked at, the fish was surprising because it tasted more like a tuna. The sear on it may have taken away some of that raw buttery flavor and texture that we associate with raw salmon.

Soba with Corn Tempura (No Image, Sorry!)

The corn tempura was very satisfying, as were the noodles.

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Corn and Fish Cake

I’m not sure how they carried this dish out, but picture a hollowed out corn on the cob that has been stuffed with fish cake. So inventive!

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Goma Tofu Cocktail (Dish Was Half Eaten in This Image)

I’m not 100% positive this was the name of the dish, but it was my hands down, my favorite dish of the night. The tofu has a slight mochi quality to it that melted right on your tongue, but gave off so much wonderful flavor. Yes, I’m pretty shocked that I picked a cold tofu dish as my fave dish of the night, but I was that blown away by it.

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Cured Tomatoes

A playful dish that cleansing and fun to eat, it’s a very refreshing dish. I don’t think I would choose to order it again, but am glad I tried it.




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