Kimbap, Gimbap, MMMbop, Ba Duba Dop


For about a week, all I wanted everyday was vegetarian kimbap. I don’t know why, but just the thought of it would make my mouth water like cray cray. I’ve been teaching myself how to make it at home because it’s not that hard and I usually have all of the ingredients.

Don’t know what kimbap, AKA, gimbap is? Think of it as a Korean version of a sushi roll, but the rice is tossed with sesame oil, not rice vinegar, and the middle doesn’t have raw fish, but instead there are meats, egg and blanched vegetables. I think what makes it so satisfying to me is how it feels when you break through the seaweed, then bite through the rice and then reach the middle goodness. I don’t get the same feeling if I were to just eat a rice bowl.

That sounds weird right?

Yeah, I just reread that, it does.

I picked up the ones above in Korean town on my way home one day. Mmm…Koreatown.

Joyce Huang

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