Kesar Mangoes AKA The Queen of Mangoes

Kesar 2

I’ve never tasted a mango like this before. It’s called a Kesar mango, or Royal Indian Saffron Mango, also known as the Queen of Mangoes. Fresh Direct is selling them from Savani Farms and I had to try it. I eat mangoes practically everyday when they are in season and left my Kesar mangoes with my Ataulfo mangoes to ripen. The picture on Fresh Direct shows them as a honey-yellow with green undertones when they are ripe, however, mine were turning a yellow-green with lots of brown spots. Because they aren’t cheap, I decided to peel one like a banana to eat even though I wasn’t sure if it was ripe or not, just in case it was already spotting on the inside as well. I would rather try it when it wasn’t ripe, than not try it at all and have to throw them out because I let them sit too long.


The flesh had no spotting at all and had a lovely saffron coloring. It just shows you that you can’t judge fruit by the outside at times. When I bit into it, it was amazing. It was juicy, hearty and the flavors were out of this world, well at least out of my world. It did taste like what we know to be a mango, but it has strong floral perfume notes and even tasted as if it were spiced with cardamom. It was sophisticated, exotic and fresh compared to all of the other mangoes I have tried before. They’re kind of like the Angelina Jolie of mangoes. I still can’t get over the wonderful taste of this fruit. I actually don’t understand why I don’t see these more often. I have one saved up to eat later tonight and plan on stocking up on more before their season is over. Fresh Direct was selling them for $3.99 each, which is quite expensive for a small mango, but now they are $2.99 each or 2 for $5. You can also buy them directly from

I definitely encourage you to try one of these if you haven’t already.

Joyce Huang



  • I had these from fresh direct as well! I also couldn’t get over the exotic taste! It did have a surprisingly perfume taste. This was the best mango I have ever eaten

  • I haven’t had one in so long!!! Now I want one, haha.

  • Fresh direct has them on sale again this week! 2 for 5.00! I’m getting more ?

  • LOL. After I saw your comment I kept thinking about them and bought 2 cases (I know I will have to share with family). I bought some of the mangoes from Pakistan they had as well bc I’m not sure if I have had those.

  • I’m sure those are good as well. The saffron one though is the BEST I’ve had. The taste was like no other mango I’ve had. Most mangoes taste pretty much the same. But these were just amazing! I’m glad I found your post. Lol. I had to search to see if anyone else thought it had a perfume taste ?

  • I thought you might find this interesting. I’m going to try it on a few different types of mangoes to see if it works fo rme. Ignore if you have tried it this way already:). I’ve only seen it in a movie, but my friend said in India, she ate mangoes there this way…they would take a ripe mango and keep rolling it till all of the flesh became like pulp, and then you can make a hole or slice the top off and suck it out like a smoothie.

  • Joi Lawrence-Jones

    Thanks for such a great description of this mango. tastes magical. ….I thought they were not any good because some were very squishy. I cut one open and the aroma wafted over me and the taste is…well magical. ..I got a case today from fresh direct…I will be enjoying them for a few days to come. ..

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