Kare Pan

Let’s see. Kare Pan. Where do I even start? This curry bread was one of the most memorable things I ate in Tokyo. It’s a cheap street food to devour up that is very filling. I had never had anything like it before and I don’t understand why these aren’t really sold here in NYC more. When I came back to the city, I saw that there is a place that sells them. I’m going to have to hit it up soon!

My favorite was the cheese kare pan. Think of fried zeppole dough that has an outside coating like a Chinese doughnut and a melted, cheesy, curry filling. This is a Japanese curry, not an Indian curry. The flavor combination is out of this world if you have never had it before. My husband and I fell instantly in love with it. We bought extra to take back to the hotel. I would HIGHLY recommend trying these when in Japan. The ones in the picture were from a random curry shop that we stopped at while in the mall at Nakano Broadway. It was a two-story eatery on the first floor.

Joyce Huang

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