Karaoke City in K-town, NYC

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Image Courtesy of Karaoke City on Yelp.

The latest opening in Koreatown, NYC is Karaoke City and it is on point. It looks shiny and new because it is. It opened up within the past month, so everything has that brand new feel to it. But Karaoke City is more than a karaoke spot. While it does have fantastic private rooms with telephone intercom, big screens, and comfortable seating, there is a spacious sports bar, and then on top of it, two more lounge areas. In addition, on certain nights, you can also sing karaoke at the bar starting at a certain time.

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Image Courtesy of Karaoke City on Yelp.

Besides the beautiful design of the establishment, the one thing that separates Karaoke City from other spots is that you can actually get a great cocktail there. One of their current bartenders use to work at one of my favorite restaurants in the city, and he knows how to craft a drink. Actually, the sports bar was so large and comfortable, the food tasty, and the drinks so fabulous, that I have a feeling a lot of people (myself included) will be back there to just hang out.

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Image Courtesy of Karaoke City on Yelp.

Of course I had my standard Jamesons when I went, but our group sampled French 75’s, orange-ginger margaritas, and Old Fashioneds, all were wonderfully delicious. They also won me over because I’m a sucker for corn dogs and they offered mini corn dogs on their extensive bar food menu. We also sampled the fried calamari, which is great for people who prefer the tentacles over the rings.

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I also made the staff take a picture with me on my way out. Super nice team.

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