Just Relaxing At Roche Harbor

You know what’s a great way to pick up your day? With a big-ass Bloody Mary that’s spicy, and comes with a big ol’ piece of shrimp. Yum! We stopped at the Madrona Bar & Grill at Roche Harbor in Washington after a wine tasting at the San Juan Vineyards to enjoy to grub.

The view didn’t hurt either.

But the highlight of the stop came from their fresh and fantastic fish tacos. They were delicious, simple, and I loved the addition of Chinese cabbage to them. I devoured them. Sometimes simple food is wonderful, don’t you think? It can be really hard to find a good fish taco, a lot of them can be just ‘blah,’ but these really stood out to me. One thing is for sure, Washington has some amazing and affordable seafood, that can’t be as readily found in New York City.

Madrona Bar & Grill
248 Rueben Memorial Dr
Roche Harbor, WA 98250

7 out of 10

-Joyce Huang
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