Juicing Everything I Can Get My Hands On

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I am a juicing and smoothie making machine. Got granny the Magic Bullet for Christmas and it was buy one get one free so now I have one too. It came with a juicer and blender and even though the juicer isn’t the best and is pretty damn noisy (I have been trying to limit my juicing for before 10PM), it is decent and I keep throwing anything and everything into it. I’ll be writing up some of the juicing combinations that I’ve been playing with, but in the meantime here are some observations about juicing with the Magic Bullet.

1)    Juicing makes you look like the healthiest person on the grocery check out line and will make everyone around you feel guilty about their own purchases.

2)    Your friends get tired of hearing about what you juiced today.

3)    You will not be able to stop peeing.

4)    Carrots don’t give up that much juice, so instead of pure carrot juice, I just add a little bit to whatever I am drinking. One large stewing carrot equals to about 2mm of juice. Blah.

5)    Fruit that is too ripe won’t juice with the magic bullet, it turns the drink into a smoothie.

6)    The magic bullet works much better when the fruit isn’t too large. I cut them into about 2 inch chunks.

7)    Beet juice. After doing some research, apparently you can’t drink beet juice straight because it is so concentrated. It can cause nausea, diarrhea, chills and apparently (I found this very interesting) temporary paralysis of your vocal cords. I don’t know how true that last one is, but it’s enough of a rumor for me to not want to find out.

-Joyce Huang


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