Juice’s First Taste of Akvavit

After tasting a trio of akvavit at Vandaag, I came to the conclusion, that I, Juice, do not like akvavit. But hey, I had to try it in order to know right? And this is nothing against Vandaag at all, actually, I can’t wait to go back and try out some of their food, and I must say that their cocktails are tasty. This is simply my feeling on akvavit.

I saw it on the menu, and they had a variety of infused ones, like you would have at a vodka bar. I ended up choosing a white peach, carrot and chickweed, and then a horseradish and dill. The bartender was great and took the time to explain to me what this liquor was. And he said that it is a Scandinavian liquor that is flavored with caraway and anise. I’m not a fan of anise, but of course I had to try it. Each sip brought a grimace to my face, and I regretted buying a sampler of 3, rather than just 1. Akvavit, definitely not for me, but it might be for you, so give it a try when you can.

How to pronounce akvavit? During my time at the bar I heard it pronounced two ways:

1)    Ah-que-veet

2)    Ah-kweh-veet

-Joyce Huang
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