Judy’s Spanish Restaurant

Judy's Spanish Restaurant  NYC

Spanish yellow rice and beans was a big part of my childhood (FYI, this is much different from Mexican rice and beans). When I’d run to my best friend’s Brandon’s apartment across the hall for rice and beans, he’d run to my apartment for dumplings. His mother Yvette is such an amazing cook, never used a recipe and was like my Puerto Rican mother growing up.

The other day I had a hankering for rice and beans so we ordered Judy’s Spanish Restaurant on Seamless. Love Judy’s! Think of it as Spanish comfort food. The restaurant gave us a call because apparently Seamless had the wrong menu for the day up, so they weren’t offering spaghetti, but the gentleman on the phone generously offered to make the dish anyway once he realized how much I was craving it. So nice!!! I didn’t even ask him to and was willing to order something else. It was my first time having their pasta, which isn’t always on the menu and I must say that it was delicious. It was different from Italian pasta because it had a strong cilantro presence, which was actually a nice change.

From left to right:

Malta drink: a non-alcoholic carbonated beverage

Spanish yellow rice (red beans on the side not seen)

Roasted pork

Spanish spaghetti

Chicharron Dominican fried chicken

Stewed chicken with yellow rice

7 out of 10

Judy’s Spanish Restaurant

1505 Lexington Avenue (Lexington Ave. & E 97th St.)

NY, NY 10029
(212) 831-0193

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