Jim’s Steaks in Philly

When one heads down to Philly, one must get a cheesesteak. They’re greasy, flavorful and have melted cheese.  Mmmmm, grease. Mmmmm, flavor. Mmmmm, cheese. While Pat’s and Geno’s are the most famous cheesesteak spots in Philly, my hotel wasn’t near them. Luckily, we were near Jim’s Steaks, and a friend of mine said that her boyfriend grew up in Philly and that Jim’s Steaks was his favorite cheesesteak in the city, so it was really serendipitous. Mmmmm, big words. Jim’s definitely gets a thumbs up from me. The steak was sliced nice and thin, my peppers gave it a slightly sweet edge and it had melted Cheez Whiz on it. Melted Cheez Whiz I say! I grabbed one for lunch, and another one for when I got back to New York City that night. A warning though. I kept my sandwich in a zipped up bag on the bus ride home, and towards the end of ride I opened up my bag to grab something and the most god awful smell emanated from my handbag. I’m pretty sure everyone thought I farted. Farted like Paul Bunyan would. Although I said, “It’s just my cheesesteak,” I’m not sure how many people actually believed me. Whatever. I still ate it.

-Joyce Huang
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