Jeepney Kamayan Feast NYC

Jeepney Kamayan

Wow. Aaaa-maaayyyy-Ziiiiing. And you prolly didn’t get that, but the word amazing should have been sung in your head as you read it. Jeepney in the East Village has this Kamayan dinner, where you eat this fantastic feast with your fingers and the food is abundant and delish. I went with, who graciously treated us to dinner, as one of their colleagues was going away, and I am so grateful for such a fun experience.

The meats were easy to eat, but for me, getting that rice in my mouth was a bit rough. I had to follow one of my dining mates who chose to roll his rice up in one hand like a sushi chef, and that worked out pretty well. On that night we noshed on chicken, sweet sausage, salad, fried fish and some of the biggest and most delicious mussels that I have ever had before. Seriously, those mussels were ridiculous. #NOM

Call ahead to reserve a Kamayan feast, which is only offered on specific nights.


201 1st Avenue

New York, NY 10003

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