Japan Convenience Store Snacks

Japan’s convenience stores like 7-Eleven, Lawson, etc., are AMAZING!!! The food is so much better regarding quality and types, than convenience stores in the United States. In the states I tend to only think of junk food when I walk into a 7-Eleven. In Japan, while there was plenty of junk food to find, there were also healthy options that were very palatable like onigiri and bento boxes. I probably had onigiri from these shops for breakfast, every other day. The healthy options available in America, I tend to find a bit boring and not so appetizing for some reason.

I purchased a ton of junk to try before I left because there were so many products that I was unfamiliar with. The products without any meat seasonings, I was able to bring back into the states with me.

Regarding the above picture, because I don’t have a single pic. Wasn’t a fan of the potato chips in the red canister. They just didn’t taste so good or have much flavor.

I need to put this Sakusaku Corn out there. This stuff is amazing and addicting. This of it as a bugle, in the shape of a large Chex, with layers inside, and four types of cheese. I should’ve hunted this down in every single 7-Eleven there to bring back. 7-Eleven!!! If you are reading this. PLEASE BRING THIS TO THE STATES!! IT IS SO GOOD. I LOVE IT. EVERYONE ELSE WILL LOVE IT TOO!


This I didn’t love, but my husband really enjoyed it. I tended to not really enjoy the chips and snacks that were made with meat seasonings, except for one or two of them.

Didn’t really enjoy this corkscrew snack. But they had a bunch of corkscrews in cups like this, versus bags.

You could definitely taste the seaweed in these chips. So if you like seaweed, you’ll probably enjoy these.

Patrick really enjoyed these, but again, he likes the meat flavors and I didn’t so much, so it’s just more a personal preference.

This was great. It tasted like a pizza wrap. It seems like something we might have in the states. I’ll have to check the nex time I go to a 7-Eleven.

I loved these! These were perfect for breakfast or as a snack for me. Basically these are rice triangles with filling and then wrapped in seaweed. the season is separated from the rice so that it doesn’t get soggy.

Tasty, but marshmallow Choco Pies are still my favorite.

The Doritos were spicy, but delicious! The ice cream in a waffle designed shell was tasty. The galbo are these sweet snacks that are like little chocolates were nice. I enjoyed both flavors. KitKats will be a separate post, so I won’t write about them here.

I like these cookies. You can’t go wrong with cookies with a chocolate coating. I preferred the non-coffee ones.

Think of a salty cracker filled with fake cheese. Of course I liked it, haha! It just make me super thirsty.

We finished these. Just think Pringles. Simple, but super easy to finish the whole canister.


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