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I had gone to my first James Beard Foundation media event probably about 5 years ago when I was a fashion editor at People magazine. A food editor had snatched up the seat next to me and deftly moved the place card that was originally there. Apparently he had given a certain famous chef who I will not name a bad review a few weeks earlier and said chef was still mad at him. Unfortunately they had also seated him at the same table of said chef, so hence why he sat as far away as he possibly could, which was next to me.

But back to the point of this blog post.

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On July 25th, if you plan on being in the Connecticut area and are looking for something to do, why don’t you head to Foxwoods and snag some tickets for their James Beard Foundation event at the Paragon restaurant? I know that you are going to love the food and atmosphere because I was lucky enough to have been a part of their sneak preview dinner (#FXSneakPeek). The hotel invited a group of editors and bloggers over and they kept feeding us all these exquisite dishes until we couldn’t move anymore. The life of a blogger is quite hard. And no, I’m not writing this blog post in bed while I eat a bowl of matzo ball soup in my pajamas.

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At the table, we started off with this beautiful and elegant Bomster Fleet Scallop Crudo. The taste was so simple, fresh and it melted on my tongue. This tied with a steak dish you will see later as my favorite dish for the night.

 paragon restaurant foxwoods

Next up were the Confit Rillettes that were just the right amount of rich and salty. Loved the crunch from the potato chip vessels and the pucker from the pickled onions.

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And then they placed this beautiful New England Grass Fed Veal Meatball & Bacon course in front of us. Doesn’t it kind of remind you of a Chinese dragon? No? OK, you racist. The meatball was extremely tender, and bacon is just the perfect food for any occasion.

 steak foxwoods

Wow, this dish blew me away from the stunning presentation to how freaking delicious the steak was. Featured here is the Mishima Wagyu Ribeye Cap “Sunomono.” I love a good steak and this was some good steak. I wouldn’t have minded if they just covered the entire plate with it. Actually I wish they did because then I would’ve spent the night eating steak in bed instead of losing all my money at the roulette table.

foxwoods casino restaurants

Dessert came and they kept impressing with visuals. Seen here is a Goat Cheese Feta Brulee, Olive Oil ‘Sponge,” Peach Sorbet, Lemon Verbena Gelee and Summer Couscous. How pretty? It wasn’t a sweet dish, but it was a satisfying dessert. However I must say that I thought I was 100% done eating and couldn’t eat another bite until they brought out the Petit Fours.

 foxwoods casino dining

Sometimes I go to fancy restaurants and receive a plate of petit fours and wonder why they even bother serving it. At times it seems like an afterthought, kind of like, oh we should serve petit fours and they end up being very mediocre, mini cookies. However, at this dinner, the Petits Fours tasted fantastic. The plates were full of Lemon Basil Bonbons, Peach Saffron Macarons, Madelines and Apricot Financiers. My absolute favorite was the Peach Saffron Macaron. I know, I know. There are a bunch of you out there who think the macaron is so overrated, BUT, this was just a amazing tasting dessert that even you will love. And I may or may not have shoved more than one BonBon into my mouth.

 foxwoods chefs

Thank you so much to the rock star chefs who had us leaving full and with smiles on our faces. And thank you to The Zimmerman Agency team for making everything so fun and seamless. (Seen here: Chef de Cuisine Scott Mickelson, Executive Chef Edward Allen, Executive Pastry Chef Franck Iglesias, Banquet Chef Robb Brunelle and Chef de Cuisine David Brai. And the pretty lady on the right in the third photo is the lovely Lauren Harrison from The Zimmerman Agency.)

Click here to purchase tickets to the James Beard Foundation dinner at Foxwoods, you won’t be disappointed.

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