It’s All About the Guest Book Review

It's All About the Guest

It’s All About the Guest is a new book by Steve DiFillippo, who is the chef and owner of Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse. Unfortunately I have never eaten at the restaurant since I am New York based, but their website says that they have locations in Boston, Chestnut Hill, Lynnfield, Foxborough, Philadelphia and Atlanta in case you happen to be in those areas. In addition, there is also a Davio’s food brand line that is produced on a massmarket scale. It seems that the restaurant group and food line total in at about a worth of $60 million. Not too shabby.

The company’s book representative was nice enough to send out an advanced copy for me to read. I was interested in going through it once I found out that there were recipes scattered through. Some that have caught my eye include Aunt Angie’s Basil Pesto and the Pan-Roasted Main Lobster with Lemon-Tarragon Butter Sauce, so once Patrick is off his Crossfit competition eating regimen I will have to try them out.

The book is intended to be informative to those who are interested in opening their own restaurant, but to be quite honest, if you are new to business in general, the book has some decent pointers that you will also be able to take in.

It’s All About the Guest takes you through the ups and downs, and gives lot of advice on what to do to make your business a success. Of course, with every book, there are always a few negatives.

I kind of got the impression that this was his first book. The writing style lacked a little bit of finesse, albeit, it makes for an extremely easy read. However, because of the junior writing, you might start to loose interest a bit. What keeps you reading is that you want to get more advice because this man has proven to be incredibly successful.

Sometimes he gets a bit too personal. Now, personal isn’t bad, I love connecting with the writer, however, there are times that it seems as if some of these stories were thrown in as shock value, but in reality don’t actually lend to the story, or to the point that is trying to be proven. There were also a couple of times where I was thinking to myself, ‘Wow, if I were his wife I would kill him for writing that.’ But to each their own!

Those who are newbies to business in general, definitely not a bad book to browse through, plus you get some good looking recipes while you are at it.

Head over to to place an order for your copy of It’s All About the Guest by Steve DiFillippo.

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