Is Fat Hippo Worth the Fat?


I’m not a huge fan of the bar scene in the Lower East Side (Not East Village, Not Chinatown, but more the Rivington, Norfolk, etc area), but I must say that I’m usually very happy with my food purchases there. Brunch brought me to Fat Hippo and the menu looked innovative and delicious.

Dishes that caught my eye from the lunch and dinner menu that I wouldn’t be able to eat included the pan fried mozzarella balls and lobster pot pie. Doesn’t that sound so homey and satisfying? I can’t wait to go back to try it.

What brought me there that morning was a birthday of a friend who was minding everyone’s budgets, $12.95 for brunch (entrée, coffee/tea and juice) and $4 cocktails (mimosa, screwdriver, hangover spiced tequila shot and bloody Mary’s). I thought that that was very considerate of her.

Unfortunately, either our waitress was either having an off day or was very, very, very new because it took about 30 minutes for our food order to be taken and then almost another hour before our food got there.  We sat at 2pm and got our food at 330PM. Whaaaaaaat? We were pretty damn hungry by then.

Luckily my crab and eggs were pretty good, because I hoovered that thing. The menu said that it was crab cakes with poached eggs, green tomato gratin and home fries. I’m not really sure where the green tomato gratin came in, but what I saw was slices of red tomatoes, topped with crab cakes, topped with poached eggs, topped with creamy sauce and a side of homefries. The food maybe have been sitting there for a bit because it was a little cold, but still tasty. The crab cakes were full of meat, not just breading, the eggs were beautifully poached, seriously, they were beautiful, and the sauce was flavorful. I was not disappointed in taste. The potatoes tasted like they were sitting out there for a while, but I don’t believe that that was any fault of the chef’s.

Nope, it wasn’t busy, there were maybe 3 other tables in there, but something was going on with the service. I want to go back to taste the rest of the food, but I don’t know when I’m going to have that kind of time to spend on a meal again, lol.

6 out of 10

71 Clinton St, New York NY10002

-Joyce Huang

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