Instant Mix In My Cupboard: Streit’s Matzo Ball and Soup Mix

I know that the two balls are reminiscent of other things, but just bear with me as I have no other pictures of this right now 🙂 .

I use to pride myself on not using instant mixes. Cakes had to be made from scratch. Soup broths as well. And then one day, I just started running out of time and energy and realized that unless I wanted to eat dinner at midnight everyday, it was OK to enlist some help. So even though at one point I would have been embarrassed to have anyone see instant mixes in my cupboard, they really do help me out of binds now when I want to eat right away or maybe when a dinner guest will pop up out of nowhere or when I’d rather go out and play outside of my kitchen instead of in it. Once in a while, I’ll be spotlighting some of these products that I like having stocked in my cupboards for quick fixes and add ons to meals. Today will be the first feature. And I know that it’s really hot outside and I’m writing about soup, but I’m in the air conditioning for so many hours that sometimes I just need to find a way to warm up, hence the soup!

Streit’s Matzo Ball Soup!

Even though I’m not Jewish, after one bite of this filling soup, it’s easy to see why it’s such a comfort food. I’ve always been a big fan of Streit’s matzo ball and soup mix. By adding water, egg and oil, you’ve got yourself a whole big pot of it that can last one person for about three meals. Keep in mind that the mix costs less than $3.

It’s so easy! While I’m boiling a pot of water, I mix up the matzo mix with 2 eggs and 1/4 cup of oil. After letting that sit for 15 minutes, I hope that at that point my water is boiling. Into the water I throw in the soup mix and some chopped up carrots (not necessary, I just like adding some color). Then with wet hands I drop in walnut sized matzo balls into the boiling water, cover the pot tightly and then simmer for 30 minutes.

Just a word of caution. When I first discovered this mix, I didn’t realize how much the raw matzo balls swell up when cooking so I got overzealous and ended up with matzo balls the size of softballs. I wasn’t complaining, but it was a bit amusing.

The taste of this dish? For out of the box, wonderful. Not as fantabulous as pure homemade matzo ball soup, but good enough so that if I had to pass it off as homemade to my guests I could. The broth is nicely seasoned and the matzo balls are very tasty. People usually ask for seconds when I make it which says a lot for boxed soup wouldn’t you say?

An interesting tidbit about Streit’s? They’re actually made in the Lower East Side of New York on Rivington street which had a huge Jewish population back in the day! That’s pretty cool isn’t it? The Streit family opened up their first modern bakery in 1925 and they’ve been producing products from there ever since.

-Joyce Huang

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