Insomnia Cookies

I love Insomnia Cookies. They have a location right by my regular bar in the Upper East Side, so it can be quite dangerous. They keep their cookies warm so that they are gooey when you bite into them. Be sure to have napkins handy from all of the wonderful butter they use. It soaks through the bag and goes all over your fingers when you eat them. You can see my fingers glistening in the picture below.

I love them just as must as Levain Bakery cookies. The two are quite different, so I can’t compare them. While Levain cookies are big, thick, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, Insomnia cookies are thinner and soft throughout.

8 out of 10

Check out their website for various locations.

_Joyce Huang
Insomnia Cookies on Urbanspoon

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