Ice Cream at the Red Rooster Drive-In

For some reason on long drives people always get suckered in by ice cream signs. My friends and I are no different. While we pulled into the Red Rooster Drive-In (not to be confused with Red Rooster in Harlem) in need of a bathroom we got distracted by the thick milkshake signs. Who knew that it was a hot spot spot in the area and for road trips? I love random food finds. I opted for a soft serve twist because soft serve is one of my favorite desserts and was amazed at how thick it was. I have not tasted a soft serve like this in the city before and am still thinking about it today.

Want a soft serve tip? Lick your soft serve all around and then offer it to people and ask if they want a bite. Of course they aren’t going to want any after you got your saliva on it, unless they are really close to you, but you get nice points. That or just disgusted looks.

Red Rooster has more than just sweets and is also known for their yummy junk food, like burgers and fries. You can see articles that have been written about it gracing their windows. I wish I was able to fit in egg cream in my big belly too because that was a homey part of my growing up in New York.

Just the ice cream and milk shakes. 8.5 out of 10.

Red Rooster Drive-In
1566 Route 22
Brewster, NY
(845) 279-8046?

-Joyce Huang

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