I Need A Favor…

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I need a favor.

Sometimes you connect with people. I’ve never shared my personal life with a lot of you, but I grew up in a single parent family. My immigrant mother had to support my grandmother and me and New York City. My grandmother raised me at home like what we think a “typical” mother does for a child.

This is where Yo comes in. She is a chef whose grandmother is the inspiration and provides many recipes for her restaurant Yo In Yo Out in East Harlem. It’s a neighborhood restaurant with heart. We forget about heart sometimes. When it comes to restaurants, it’s what supports and sustains the neighborhood. It is the pulse that beats for a neighborhood.

Have you watched the Food Network show Chopped before? Yo, the chef of Yo In Yo Out, has excelled on it. The heart behind her fire is her grandmother who is ill right now. Yo will be returning to France to visit her grandmother during these tough times for the next three weeks. While she is gone, it would mean a lot to me, if we could get together and keep her restaurant going, while she is unable to be here through these tough times.

I will be eating there while she is gone. And when she is back, let’s keep going to enjoy her actual cooking. OK?

Ok. Settled.

Thank you!

Yo In Yo Out

1569 Lexington Ave (between 100th St & 101st St)


-Joyce Huang

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