I Love Me Some Persimmons

courtesy of cantonese.ca

Persimmons are one of my favorite fruits to eat and they are in season right now. Woohoo! Fresh Direct sells them for crazy expensive so they are one of the fruits that I will head to Chinatown to purchase instead of getting delivered with my regular groceries. You  can get the fuyu persimmon on the left for about 5 or 6 for $2 downtown, and the hachiya for less than a $1 each. Both persimmons are delicious, just different, so if you are looking for a little bit and crunch, go for the fuyu. For those who love soft and sweet, go for a hachiya. Can you eat the skin? Yes, just cut the leaf at the top away. For the fuyu I usually cut it into wedges and just bite the flesh out if I don’t feel like eating the skin, otherwise I just eat it like an apple. The hachiya can be eaten two ways. You really want to eat it when it is squishy soft to appreciate it at its height. You can steady it in a small bowl or cup to have it sit up and pull or cut the leaf out and then eat it with a spoon. Or if you don’t care how messy you get just take the leave out, rip it in half with both hands and munch away. Juices will be everywhere, your face will get so messy, it will be a wonderful thing.

-Joyce Huang


  • I too share your love for both persimmons, but the few hachiyas that i’ve picked up in c-town this season seemed to never ripen 🙁

    They usually ripen within a few days, but I left these out for a couple of weeks and they never got soft, so I thought maybe it’s some newfangled variety that stays firm when ripe. Nope. I finally cut them open and they were terribly astringent and inedible as you would expect. What gives man? Do they need even longer to ripen? How long could it possibly take?

  • Hola!! I run into the same problem sometimes and can’t figure out why, BUT if you put them in a plain brown paper bag, they should always ripen up nicely! Thank you for stopping by!! I just finished my supply of persimmons, I’m going to have to make a trip down this weekend.

  • Ah good to know! Will try the paper bag trick.

    Cool, be sure to drop some off over yonder!

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