I Can’t Stop Eating Fried Peppers

Hot, sweet or both, I can eat fried peppers on everything, and as you can see that I created a platter every day for lunch with vessels for my peppers. They’re really easy to make and just slightly time consuming. I would advise making one big batch and keeping it in the fridge so that you can just reach it and grab it whenever you want.

With bell or sweet peppers, what you want to do is de-seed, de-vein and cut them into any size you want, I prefer ones that are about 2 inches wide. With hot peppers you can fry them whole, or cut them in half, or cut them in half and de-seed and de-vein them to take some of the heat away.  Remember to wear gloves when working with hot peppers, if you forget to, check out my jalapeno post to see how I fixed my painful problem when I forgot to wear gloves.

Take a good pan for frying and fill it about an inch thick with oil. I used canola for this round, but if you want to save the oil, use olive oil so that it gets flavored with the sweet and spicy because you can use it as a dipping oil for later on.

I cooked my sweet peppers first because I didn’t want to have to dump the oil and put in a new round which is what I would have had to do if I fried the hot peppers first since the oil would have captured all of that heat. So once the oil is nice and hot, throw in your peppers, but make sure that they aren’t crowded. WATCH your peppers though because you are going to have to keep flipping them so that they don’t burn. About every couple of minutes, flip the peppers or just flip them when you see them slightly blistering. They are done when they are soft and look kind of wilted.  I flipped each batch about 5 or 6 times each. You can drain the oil on paper towels, but I don’t. I don’t really feel that you need to.

Eat them as is or put them on anything and in anything you can imagine.

My godmother has this amazing pepper dish where you fried hot Italian peppers and then soak them for a week in sugar water that is absolutely amazing. When I was in college she sent over batches of it and I would eat them everyday. Granted I would be crying from the painful heat, but they were so good and addicting that I couldn’t stop eating them because they were all that I would think about. However, whenever I tried to make my own batch of them, they came out awful, so I am going to have to try it again. And keep in mind that my godmother doesn’t do recipes so never knows exact measurements so I am always guessing. If I can figure out the right measurements and ingredients for it, I will gladly share the recipe here!

-Joyce Huang

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