How to Make Stromboli

You know when you get an idea in your head or a craving and you just have to find a way to do it right then and there? This was one of those nights. I somehow got it into my head that after a 6 hour bus ride, I needed to make stromboli when I got home. Unfortunately all the stores were closed and it was pouring raining, so I needed to make it with stuff I had in my fridge, and cheap salami from the 24 hour deli. While it tasted good, it would have tasted my better with a high quality meat in it, and I think next time I’ll do it without the basil to keep it all about the meat and cheese. Oh, and did I mention that I had no frozen pizza dough or yeast to make the dough? But of course, I absolutely NEEDED to do this, otherwise it would have driven me crazy.

So here’s how I made my makeshift stromboli that I ate for 5 days in a row.

You can use ready made pizza dough, but in case you don’t have, just use my recipe below. A friend of mine even complimented the bread in the stromboli!

Dough Ingredients

2 1/2 cups bread flour

4 TBS Baking powder (luckily, this helped since I didn’t have yeast)

Pinch of salt

1/2 cup olive oil (but keep that bottle handy, because you may need to keep adding)

1/2 cup of water

 Now What?

In a bowl, mix together all of the ingredients into a dough with your hands (oil or flour your hands so that the dough doesn’t stick). If it’s too dry, keep drizzling in more olive oil until it feels pliable, but not too wet. When it gets into that dough phase, you are ready to start kneading. So on a flat surface, sprinkle flour and place the dough on top. What you want to do it grab a chunk of dough and pull away from the rest a few inches with your full hand and push it back in with just the heel of your hand. Turn it a few inches counter clockwise and repeat. Keep doing this for the next 5-10 minutes. It’s definitely a workout. Next, you want to shape it into a large rectangle, as far as you can stretch it out, without it ripping.

Filling Ingredients

Really anything you want. Put meats, cheeses, sautéed onions, roasted peppers, etc. I used shredded mozzarella, basil and salami.

Now What?

Layered your ingredients, but leave about an inch to inch and half of border.

Follow my pictures and fold the top and bottom edges in.

Then fold the bottom up in half.

Then do it again to finish rolling everything up. Seal the end roll up completely by pinching the dough so that the filling doesn’t squeeze out.

Now for the ends/sides that are still open. Take the bottom layer of dough, pull it over the opening and pinch that closed as well.


Bake in an oven at 400 degrees until the dough is golden. Then take the stromboli out and let it cool off.

When you are ready to eat, start slicing it. What’s great is that you can freeze whatever you can’t eat at that moment for later. I was really happy with the outcome of this. Eat it plain or dip it in marinara sauce.

-Joyce Huang







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