How To Make Pineapple Vodka

Pineapple Vodka

Joanne Harris is one of my favorite writers. I love the way she weaves a food theme in and out of her stories. A passage I always remembered from one of her books was about how a woman pulled out some vodka that had cherries soaking it for years. It was soaking for so long that the cherries were white and the seed would disintegrate when on the tongue. I don’t know why I loved that part of the book, but I did, I do, and I have always remembered it.

After one of our backyard get togethers, I had a ton of pineapple leftover. This is because I wanted to have a perfectly ripe pineapple to put out, so bought three in different stages, hoping that one would be at the right stage the day of the get together. Instead of eating all of the fruit, I decided to make some pineapple vodka. After all, it is the summer and it sounded so refreshing.

All I did was put pineapple in plastic, quart soup containers and cover with vodka (I used Tito’s here). Then I covered with plastic wrap and snapped the lid into place. I kept it out at room temperature, and as the days went on, the vodka started to take on a golden hue. After two weeks, I strained it because a party came up and I wanted to bring it for the hostess to taste. I poured it out into mason jars and it looked so pretty!

I tell you what though. This was some STRONG vodka. I don’t know if the sugar fermentation from the vodka created a higher alcohol content or what, but a sip about knocked me onto my feet. The vodka had a nice and fresh sweetness to it, that all came from the pineapple.

And I got to see some of that book come true. Half of the pineapple did come out white. I bet if I left it in longer, the alcohol would’ve gotten strong and all of the pineapple would’ve come out white.

Joyce Huang


  • Do you think if you were to have left it seeping longer it would have been better?

  • Hi! I think if you prefer moonshine levels of alcohol, then you can def let it seep longer. It was super strong after just the 2 weeks already, but can’t imagine a longer seep would hurt:).

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