How to Grow a Container Garden

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Notes for myself to remember about container gardens.


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Planter Pot Sizes for Container Garden

Get big pots if possible. I have a wide array of pots, but my favorite sizes for my city apartment are 5 gallon ones because my herbs turn out hearty and they are also great for tomato plants. They don’t take up a huge amount of room in the limited outdoor space that I have. I even have a small orange tree growing in one, though I think she might be dying from too much rain. You can definitely grow herbs in smaller pots, which I am doing now with Thai Basil, Sweet Basil and scallions, but if you plant these herbs in bigger pots, you would definitely notice more of an abundance of herbs, as well as a much larger leaf size.



I have been trying to buy the cheapest organic dirt that I can find. Two years in a row I used Miracle-Gro dirt that I bought off of Amazon and both times I ended up with thousands of gnats/bugs everywhere. All of my plants had to be thrown out, and having all those bugs in my apartment the first year was not pleasant.


Easy-to-Grow Container Plants

This is what I am planting this year and except for the oranges, everything is doing amazing and I would highly recommend for container gardens.

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Mint – Grown from a few stalks that I pulled up from my mom and grandmother’s yard. They have a ton growing wild there, it smells amazing. I also rooted a few stalks to grow more in the pot.

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Tomatoes- Grown from small plants I purchased in Flushing. I got 8 plants for $5.

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Edible Nightshade-My family replaced the grass on their lawn with this edible nightshade. We eat the berries and use the leaves in soups. Grows wild in their backyard. I grew mine with a couple of the wild ones we dug up from their yard. The berries are still green in this photo.

Oranges – I grew this from a mini tree, but every since I brought it outside, it doesn’t seem to be doing well.

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Spinach- I grew from seeds that I purchased last year. Really easy to grow. I ate a bunch of the spinach in this pic already.

Onion- This is an experiment and I will say that I would prefer to just buy onions. But I saved the sprouts from onions that I bought from the market, cut them out of the onions and planted them and now onions are growing. Can see the long onion tops in the picture above with the spinach.

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Swiss Chard – Grew from seeds I purchased last year. Would highly recommend and you get a ton of product for months. I ate the majority of the leaves for this one before I took the picture.

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Cilantro- I don’t know why I grow this. It grows well, but I never have enough for what I need and end up buying it anyway.

Sweet Basil- Easy to grow. Mine came from seeds I purchased last year.

Scallions- Super easy to grow. I kept the roots of scallion I ate and let it grow roots in a cup of water. Then I planted it in a soup container with dirt.

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Thai Basil- I love the smell of Thai basil. I grew with seeds I purchased last year. Easy to grow.

Rooting Plants/Growing Plants From Other Plants

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Mint-I multiplied it a bit by cutting off some of the longer stems, stripping them of leaves and placing them in water for a week. When the new roots grew out to about an inch, I planted them back in the dirt. The same can be done with basil.

Scallion-I ate the greens off of some store bought scallions and then kept the white bulbs in water until long roots grew and then planted them in water.

Onions- I cut out the inside bulb with the green sprout from store bought onions that had sprouted and just planted them in the dirt. Lo and behold, they started growing into bigger onions.



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