How I Lost 15 lbs Without Exercise, Part 3 and Final

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Haha, OK, so I feel like a baby talking about eating “solid” foods, but I have to in order to talk about how I lost the last 6lbs of my 15lb weight loss. You know how people always seem to be advising everyone to eat like 5-6 small meals a day? I found out that the best thing for my metabolism was to take this to the extreme. I am literally eating something every 1-2 hours in the day. It’s crazy! But if you think about it, it works because you are constantly keeping your metabolism running. It doesn’t have time to slow down so it just seems to keep burning at the same rate. Does it allow me to each junk all day? No. But do I feel deprived? No.

These are some of the things that I keep in mind with my constant eating habits now

1)    I try to only eat one serving of anything. That one serving is enough to tide me over till my next nosh.

2)    I make sure to eat fruit AND vegetables everyday.

3)    I will try my hardest to not eat junk twice in a row or the same thing in multiples during that day (also refers to any fruits or veggies for that day). So if I eat pizza or chips for one meal, I’ll try and make sure the next two things that I eat are healthy, say an orange or veggie juice. If I already had an apple that day to snack on and want  more fruit, I’ll have a cup of blueberries instead of another apple. It makes for a very colorful diet for the day so that you still get your nutrients in.

4)    If after one serving I still think I’m hungry, I will try and push that hunger out of my head. A lot of the time it’s just that I “think” I’m hungry, but if I wait a few more minutes for the food to digest, I’ll actually realize I’m not.

5)    I still drink one thing a day to help speed up my metabolism (at any time of the day). I usually chose coffee, oolong tea, green tea or grapefruit juice.

6)    I still need to be able to enjoy food. I love food and before I would always eat so much not because I felt hungry, but because I love the taste of food. So when I changed my eating habits, I had to make sure that I didn’t feel deprived and I can say that I don’t deprive myself. I don’t want to end up binging later on because I felt that I couldn’t have something. If I want pizza that day, I’ll allow myself to have some. Chips? I’ll allow my self to have some. I just need to make sure that I’m not eating junk all day long. When I was in Boston, I still had baked beans, clam chowder, oysters, etc, but it was done in moderation.

Another observation about the way that I eat now? It’s weird, it’s like you are preventing yourself from really ever feeling hungry since you are constantly eating, so I guess that prevents any hunger binges.

So far this has worked pretty well for me. If you try it, I hope that it works for you too!

Here’s a sample of what I ate so far today. I would have eaten more earlier, but I had to help my family with some stuff and didn’t plan accordingly and pack enough snacks in my bag.

-Poached egg

-1/4 cup of sautéed fish

-a small piece of pineapple cake

-a few slices of ham with spicy brown mustard

-a few slices of American cheese

-a cup of coffee

-a Caesar salad

-a veggie juice (spinach, romaine lettuce, cucumber, apples and celery)

-baked cheddar and sour cream chips

And I’ll still be up for another few hours so during that time I’ll probably eat 2 pieces of chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth and then a small orange and some instant oatmeal.

If you end up trying this, let me know if it worked for you. To continue with my weight loss I’m going to have to start working out. But I’m trying to build myself up to that, so wish me luck!

*Note: The list of what I ate today doesn’t count any water or 0 calorie drinks I had throughout the day.

-Joyce Huang

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