How I Lost 15 lbs Without Exercise, Part 2

So I resolved that I treasured my Salt Works St. Marks jeans enough to get back into them and that’s when I began to actually try to lose weight. I started walking and running a little bit about 3-4 times a week, but then I realized that 1) I hated it and 2) whatever calories I burned I consumed the second I got back home because I would end up so hungry! So I stopped my walks and runs and decided to try something a little sneakier.

I remember watching Jillian Michaels on television and she has said that there was nothing wrong with drinking coffee, as long as it is consumed in moderation. As a matter of fact, caffeine helps speed up your metabolism. I’m not a huge fan of caffeine because it makes me so jittery, but thought that I would give it a try. Every day for a week I made sure to drink coffee (either black or with an equal and skim milk), oolong tea or green tea once a day. And wouldn’t you know it, I lost 3 lbs that week. I was in shock and called my mother up right away so that she could do the same for her diet.

After that week, I decided that I wanted to try juicing and became addicted to it. For the first few days after getting my Magic Bullet, I would have a juices all day, whenever I was hungry, in lieu of a solid food breakfast and lunch. My dinner would be normal, meaning that I would eat what I normally ate before my juicing days. After those first few days, to fill me up more, I would have a smoothie for breakfast, juices whenever I wanted, and then a normal dinner. I never felt tired, I was getting plenty of vitamins from my fresh juices and smoothies, and after that week, I lost about another 6 lbs. I was shocked at how quickly it came off and how good I felt from all of the juices. You can click here to see some of the drinks I had. They are amazing and so energizing!

Unfortunately after these two weeks, I ran into a snag because I wanted to start eating solid foods again and couldn’t figure out how to do it without gaining all of the weight back. So there was definitely some experimenting involved here. But now I’m really happy with what I figured out to lose the next 6 lbs because, take tonight as an example, I was able to have a slice and a half of pizza for dinner and now before bed I’m tucking in a plate of steamed asparagus with seasalt.

To be continued…

-Joyce Huang

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