How I Got Fat In Paris

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On a recent trip to Paris, I got fat. Like really fat. And here’s how I did it! Woohoo!

-Baguettes: I ate lots of baguettes slathered in butter. Lemme tell you, a fresh baguette is wonderful and so hard to stop eating, which obviously I didn’t.

-Croissants: They thought that I was crazy because not only did I ask for jam to spread on it, but more butter as well.

-Brioche-Light and fluffy, but filling, I bought them because the sugar ones looked so pretty.

-Joel Robuchon-That man is a genius. I splurged and I ate everything from foie gras and caviar to savory custards and decadent desserts accented with edible gold dust. The champagne was lovely. Check out everything I ate on the French menu above.

-Macarons-So creamy and sweet, they’re addicting and delicious.

-Dijon mustard-I dipped everything in it, it tasted so good there.

-Foie gras- I know I’m going to be bombarded with animal activist hate mail, I’m sorry! In all fairness I gave it up for years!!

-Pasta-When in Rome, oh wait, this is Paris, I had a delicious dish of mini raviolis, cream sauce and roasted pine nuts.

-Charcuterie-Mmmmmm, meat.

-Rib-eye steak-Amazing! Amazing! And it was cooked over a fireplace.

-Gelato-European gelato is amazing. I wish we could get it in the United States.

-Steak tartare-I was in paris, I had to. The one I had was decent, not amazing, but decent.

-Scallops-They were so tender and beautiful to look at and eat. Perfectly cooked, I was on cloud nine.

-Escargot-You knew this was coming. The funny thing is, I think the escargot I have in New York is more flavorful.

-Sweet breads-Stewed and wonderful. The overall flavorful is different from the sweet breads I have tried here, and for some reason in New York, it’s usually either sautéed or fried.

-Crayfish salad-Random, I know, not bad either.

-Apple tartine with crème fraiche-I have never had anything like this before. The crème fraiche in France is so much thicker than it is here and that tartine was simply to die for. My mouth really is watering as I’m remembering it. Unbelievable. And what I found amazing about it, is that the layered of apples melted into each other so that you couldn’t even find the layers, unless they cooked it a different way? Maybe. I don’t know, what I do know is that I’m going to be falling asleep thinking about this dessert.

You and I know that I ate a lot more than the above. Every time I finished eating, I just thought about my next meal. The food was delicious and fresh there and now I don’t know how many pounds heavier and how many inches thicker I am. You’re going to see a lot more healthy, diet food posts coming out of me. I gotta’ try and lose some of this weight, and what makes it even harder is that I don’t work out. Wish me luck!

-Joyce Huang

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